CH. Baledwr Desert Sunset
(CH Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg x CH Windshyre Stormy Weather)

(PennHip: Left DI - 0.63 / Right DI - 0.42)
DM Clear : 2 copies of the normal allele
Coat Length: Carrier - 1 short coat allele / 1 long coat mutation
CERF: Normal (WCC-345877)


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Sedona has always been the dog who caught attention.  She's simply stunning, and her personality follows suit.  

In early 2010, Sedona went to play show dog with Curtiss Smith.  Sedona started with Curtiss with 3 points, and has now finished her Championship.  Many thanks go out to Curtiss and his assistant Deronda for taking such great care of my special girl while she was in their care.  

She is pictured below with Curtiss after winning her first major in March of 2010.


Sedona is very much like her beautiful mother, Phoebe.  

Sedona and Phoebe - March 2009

Sedona as a 10 week old puppy to the left, and Sedona IN Sedona at 4 months old on the right.